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“GREEN” – this is our range procured from further afield.

“BRITISH” – this is used for local and UK sourced produce.

Welcome to Mudwalls. We hope you will join our quest to follow the flavour     wherever we go, and whatever we do!

What’s new and interesting at Mudwalls?

Well done to all the staff at Mudwalls Farm for gaining our BRC AA Accreditation.

Customer Comments

Apples and Pears are tasting delicious! Look at the range of varieties.

 Cox, Gala, Braeburn, Russet, Bramley, Junami, Conference & Comice.

About Us

Mudwalls Farm are and will remain a passionate family farming community based over several hundred acres in the heart of the Ragley Estate, Warwickshire. The company has grown from producing fruit for canning in the late 1960’s, through being a thriving “Pick Your Own” farm in the 1970’s, to the last 30 years of growing and supplying a range of top fruit, stone fruit and vegetables to the UK market.


Over the years, our dedication to our trade and provenance has assisted us in developing strong mutual grower partnerships across Britain and further afield for a more exotic and special range for our customers.

Our Customers

We procure and distribute throughout the UK to various retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, caterers and more recently online re-sellers.


Over the years, as Mudwalls has gone from strength to strength and the word about the quality, flavour and freshness of our produce has spread across the industry, we have begun to procure a wider range of products for our customers.


Initially focusing on sourcing seasonal British produce, we have also now expanded our capacity to be able to provide year round continuity on our core range.

Customer Comments
Growing and Procurement Strategy
The Mudwalls Farm Brand

We are incredibly proud of our brand here at Mudwalls which we believe gives our customers confidence that they are buying quality products on a consistent basis.


FOLLOW THE FLAVOUR has two elements:

Our Product Range

We have several tiers to our brand:


First of all there is our own grown top fruit, stone fruit and vegetables.


For produce that we don’t grow ourselves we source from other local growers and as time has gone on from further afield around the country.


Finally to meet our customers range requirements and needs for year round consistency and continuity we also import a range of vegetables, salads and fruits.



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