Environmental Policy

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Enviromental policy by SeaFresh Group

Blue Earth Foods, Sea Farms, Mudwalls Farm and 44 Foods are UK companies of Seafresh Group (SFG) that manufacture and distribute food products, including seafood and produce. We believe that the implementation of sound environmental and social policies for the management of our UK production site contribute to our competitive strength and benefit our customers, shareholders, human resources and communities.

SFG is fully committed to complying with applicable environmental regulations and in the prevention of pollution wherever practicable. Beyond legal compliance, SFG recognises its role in contributing to national and international environmental goals and agreements including those related to climate change and responsible production. SFG takes seriously the need to understand the environmental impacts of our business activities throughout our entire product life cycle. We are committed to calculating our carbon footprint and in taking action to reduce our total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible. We are also committed to engage collaboratively with stakeholders on carbon reduction and mitigation initiatives that support our ambition to achieve net zero by 2040.

We continually work on improving the efficiency of our resource use and we take an end-to-end approach to our management of resources throughout our supply chain. We actively support initiatives that contribute to the circular economy and waste minimisation including in the areas of food ingredients, energy, water and packaging materials. We strive to reduce food waste and food surplus and actively engage with stakeholders to direct it for human consumption. We maintain a zero waste to landfill policy from our own operations.

We are committed to include environmental criteria in new product development and packaging design, and in our invested assets. This includes assessing and mitigating environmental impacts and identifying opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and operations with the use of innovative technology and better alternatives.

SFG is developing a company culture of environmental stewardship and continual improvement in environmental performance through the implementation of management systems that include company targets, the involvement of all colleagues in actions and the regular review of our performance.