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Aspiring for absolute asparagus perfection

30 July 2021 Read More

Meet long-standing partner Chris Chinn from Cobrey Farms, who explains why asparagus is so special, and what else his team are bringing to the Mudwalls table.

Asparagus (asparagus officinalis) has the folk name of Sparrow Grass, due to how its root system allows it to grow straight up as a single shoot, ready for harvest.

Mudwalls partner Chris Chinn has been supplying asparagus to Mudwalls for more than ten years, and explains in his own words in a new video, why Asparagus is so special.

“I think British asparagus is unique because it’s very seasonal still. It’s the first green veg of the season because those root systems are under the ground driving that spear up ready to go. We don’t have to plant a seed and wait for it to green up. That’s very special.”

But while Cobrey Farms are famous for their asparagus, that’s not the only dish on the menu. Chris and the team will be packing gooseberries and cherries for our partner grower Jake Simpson from Upton Bishop Herefordshire along with producing a range of other vegetables, such as green beans, tender broccoli, and sugar snap peas. And there’s room on the plate for more too.

Watch the interview with Chris Chinn below and find out more about Cobrey Farms at http://www.cobrey.co.uk/.