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Extra juicy and berry delicious

15 June 2021 Read More

Find out why our juicy, tasty strawberries are well worth the wait…

Our strawberries have been hailed by our customers as “the sweetest, juiciest ever” and it’s all down to the skill and expertise of our partner growers, including Tom Houlbrooke at Siddington Farm in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

At Mudwalls, it’s important to work with suppliers that match our own high standards for great-tasting, high-quality produce.

Tom’s family have been growing incredible strawberries on their farm in Ledbury for three generations. These tasty gems are picked, cooled, then packed directly into biodegradable punnets to protect both the fruit and the planet. The punnets are made from sugarcane pulp, which is recyclable, sustainable and helps to extend shelf life.

The strawberries are grown in raised ‘table-top’ beds at shoulder height, which allows the pickers easier and more comfortable access, as well as speeding up the picking process.

The rainy weather during the first part of the year put a dampener on fruit crops around the UK and we had to wait a few weeks longer than usual, which is why we are even more excited to finally get our hands on this year’s crop of strawberries.

Watch our video as George Beach, Managing Director, talks to grower Tom Houlbrooke about his long-standing and successful partnership with Mudwalls.