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Loving Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Fresh Produce grown for Lincolnshire shoppers!
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We are very proud to be supporting the best Lincolnshire growers with their seasonal produce. Here is what is available now and some ideas of what you can do with them to present at the table.

Lincolnshire Savoy Cabbage

Fry with bacon, rosemary, crushed garlic, and any leftover root veg for an easy side, or toss the mix through cooked pasta and a splash of cream for an easy supper.

Lincolnshire Sprouts

The humble boiled sprout is a sure-fire way to bring out heated opinions, but try pan frying shredded sprouts with pancetta, chestnuts, and a generous knob of salted butter – you’ll bring peace to the dinner table once more. Alternatively, roast with red onions and thyme, then toss through chunks of Stilton for a standout vegetarian side dish.

Lincolnshire Cauliflower Medium

Break into florets, toss with a generous slug of olive oil and roast to bring out this Lincolnshire Cauliflower’s nutty, deep flavours, or steam to preserve the excellent nutrient and vitamin benefits.

Lincolnshire 1/2 Red Cabbage

The best flavoured versatile cabbage, nutritious and full of colour. Chop and use to make a simple coleslaw or simply chop, add apple & braise for 2 hours on a low heat adding wine vinegar, brown sugar and season. A perfect complement with your Sunday Roast.

Lincolnshire 1/2 White Cabbage

A delicious cabbage ideal for making your own coleslaw, slice and add grated carrot chopped chives and a dollop of mayonnaise quick and easy!

Lincolnshire Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Purple Sprouting Broccoli gets plenty of comparisons to asparagus – a full, bold flavour and very little preparation required. The leaves, stalk and head are all delicious, so no need to trim. Boil or steam to keep it simple, or for a deeper, intense flavour, roast until the tips and leaves are browned