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Vertical Farming- The Sky is the Limit!

6 January 2023 Read More

Thomas Gibbs Mudwalls Procurement Manager visited Valefresco Ltd. our strategic grower partner to enhance knowledge on the benefits of Vertical Farming . Thanks to Martin Di Franco for the insightful visit.

With population growth and rising shortages of farmland for local urban food supplies, vertical farming has the potential to support local food production, extending the growing season and reducing the need for imported produce.

Best described as a farm in a box this 12,000 square meter indoor growth facility near Evesham, houses plants grown in multiple vertical layers.

By optimising growing conditions, controlling the naturally lit lighting, temperature & humidity  the result is higher quality and productivity.

The enclosed environment also means less pesticides, cleaner crops & longer shelf lives #productivity #food #growth .

We believe vertical farms will become an important part of the UK fresh produce supply chain & boost Britain’s ability to grow more.

Looking forward to sharing more news as 2023 progresses.