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Your ‘Five a Day’ has just got Better

1 October 2021 Read More

We all know that fruit and vegetables are good for you – but what if someone could find a way to make them even healthier?

That’s exactly what a Mudwalls Farm grower has achieved, investing in innovative new ways to grow produce which provide even more nutrition than your standard greens. “We spend a lot of time working with our producers, developing systems and technology,” said George Beach, Managing Director of Mudwalls.

“We’re constantly looking to improve our products and what they’re made up of. “Our grower partner Phillip Lee’s baby cucumbers are grown in the Natural Light Grown Centre in Warwick beneath a special plastic, which allows the natural light to come through while giving them protection.

Managing Director George Beach inspecting cucumbers

Managing Director George Beach inspecting cucumbers

“The plastic we use is an advanced, plasma-coated ETFE glazing material which allows more UV through than glass. Combined with bio-stimulants, this naturally enhances plant health.  “Because the plants are healthier, they grow better, more nutritious produce.

“Following the success with the baby cucumbers, we now plan to extend this way of growing produce with other growers. We’re at the forefront of this innovation.

“It’s all about looking at ways to improve the product; the way it looks, the way it tastes, and its nutritional value.”

Mudwalls’ grower’s baby cucumbers – and a wide range of other fruit and vegetables – is sold by the UK’s fairest online food retailer 44 Foods, which partnered with the farm due to a shared interest in sustainability and offering farmers a fair price.

“We’re incredibly proud to sell Mudwalls’ outstanding produce,” said Managing Director for 44 Foods, Hannah Anderson.

“They are constantly striving to improve everything in the process – and the proof is in pudding; or the fruit and vegetables, as the case may be.

“Mudwalls is a great company to work with as, like 44 Foods, they are striving for a better future for everyone. 44 Foods and its carefully selected partners are all working to protect the environment, reduce food waste, produce food in a sustainable way, and give growers and producers a fair price for their hard work.”

Mudwalls Farm, based in Redditch, is used to adapting with the times; they started out producing fruit for canning in the 1960s, before becoming one of the largest ‘pick your own’ farms in the country in the 1970s.

They then moved on to growing, packing and supplying apples, plums and vegetables to the UK market – and now they work with a range of growers and fine foods suppliers, acting as a conduit between suppliers and retailers. They also sell their produce at https://www.44foods.com